Foil Academy is a free comprehensive online instructional course designed for user-friendly foil progression in a safe and structured manner. We break the learning process down to the basics and cover all the skills and knowledge you will need to become a proficient foiler. Slingshot’s industry-leading riders and designers cover everything from basic foil behavior, design and hydrodynamics to getting up, riding, surfing and advanced transitions. As you follow along with the course, you’ll learn valuable skills, tips and tricks that you can apply directly to your in-water progression.
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Your learning journey will be led by our team of award-winning professional athletes, industry experts and thought leaders in the water sports community. Our wealth of experience and expertise will give you the skills and confidence you need to hit the beach.
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Terry McCormick


"I watched the videos and had my first outing today. I had a few controlled flights and a few good crashes. I used the information in the videos to help figure out what was working ... Thanks for all the tips, I’ll be watching as I go through the stages. Looking forward to Cascade mountain lake foiling this summer."

Blake Auchincloss


"I'm a long-time windsurfer who is thinking of giving foiling a try, but didn't want to buy a bunch of expensive equipment without learning a bit more about the "learning curve" first. Foil Academy is a great format and gave me a good feel for the difference between foiling and standard windsurfing, a good idea of the additional skill sets needed to foil successfully, and a detailed overview of the equipment needed. I especially appreciated the tutorial videos about the step-by-step instruction for beginners to the more advanced lessons on set-up and jibing. Thanks so much for the course … I really appreciate the efforts to share your experience with "newbies” and the free tutorial format. Cheers and happy foiling!"

Tom Coyle


"This was an amazing start to a journey ... Thank you for your straightforward, understandable lessons combined with wonderful, beautiful video. Your team has done a wonderful job in helping people to learn to foil. All the best to you and your team."

Andrew Allen


"Super cool course on how to get up and going AND keep improving your foil technique. Super stoked that these guys are prepared to share their knowledge. I had my first runs on the Slingshot Wake foil on the weekend and (yes, stoked!) and it is clear that their years of experience have paid off in bringing a really well rounded product that is easy to ride and progress on, to the market. Love your work Slingshot! Keep 'em coming."