Wake Foil Instructor

Jeff McKee's 25 years of experience in wake sports include time as a World Champion wakeboarder and sponsored freerider with Slingshot (since the brand's wakeboarding debut in 2007) and his current position as Brand Manager for Slingshot Wake, since 2012. Jeff is a pioneer of freshwater foiling. He was our original Slingshot “test dummy” when it came to introducing foiling to the boat world back in 2017 and is now an admitted foil addict. Jeff has taken multiple laps around the globe evangelizing foiling and certifying new flyers with each and every session. When he’s not in the office, in front of the lens or coaching others, he’s out behind the wheel of his Nautique g23 finding new waves to ride or hunting for low lying docks to pump off of. We're thrilled to bring his wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to your fingertips as you learn to take flight.


Wing Foil Instructor

Brandon offers students over two decades of real-life teaching experience and a wealth of industry knowledge; there is no one better qualified to guide you through this learning journey. Honing his skills as an instructor in Cape Hatteras and a professional kiteboarder, Brandon became a 5x Triple S Champion, 2x AWSI Kiteboarder of the year, and a pillar in the kiteboarding industry. Yet his 15-year career of first places and podium finishes is just the precursor to what Brandon offers to wind sports. He was also instrumental in cementing hydrofoiling into the kiteboarding industry while simultaneously helping develop the first extruded aluminum “learning” specific hydrofoil for the masses. Today Brandon focuses on product design, product testing and quality assurance as an established profession as both professional rider and master instructor. While Brandon is best known for his “balls to the wall” style of Kiteboarding and now Wing Foiling. Since the advent of wing foiling, he has become wing-obsessed. He has developed a clear and concise method of teaching that draws on his vast knowledge and experience. Brandon is here to help you achieve your learning goals quickly and efficiently.


Wind Foil Instructor

Wyatt Miller's career as a professional freestyle windsurfer and windfoiler spans 2 decades. He brings a wealth of instructional knowledge to Slingshot accumulated while teaching at his own windsurf and wingfoil resort, Pro-Windsurf La Ventana, in Baja Mexico, and conducting instructional clinics around the world. Wyatt first came to Slingshot as a team rider helping chief designer, Tony Logosz, to develop and test our initial line of maneuver oriented wind foil gear. Wyatt was an early pioneer of freestyle wind foiling, helping to expand the discipline from carving tricks to high flying aerial maneuvers. Wyatt has since moved from a team rider role to Slingshot's Brand Manager in charge both the Wind Foil and Wing Foil departments and is instrumental in bringing new Slingshot products to market.


Kite Foil Instructor

Alex Fox has spent over half of his life in the water, kiteboarding. Learning the fledgling sport at the age of 13, he quickly rose the ranks of the industry, eventually turning pro for Slingshot at 18. He has traveled the world filming some of the sport’s most talked about videos, all while working for the brand behind the scenes. He eventually became the Slingshot Kiteboard Brand Manager and upon its inception championed foiling internally alongside Tony Logosz. Alex was instrumental in the initial creation of Foil Academy in 2018, helping curate the vision and lesson plan. Today, Alex still loves to teach foiling and is eager to share his knowledge and passion for this new sport with the world.